This cookies Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) explains how VOKI CYPRUS LTD (hereinafter “Company”) uses cookie files and other tracking technologies at (hereinafter “website”).

This Policy explains what tracking technologies are, how we use them, as well as your rights to control the Company’s usage of the above mentioned technologies.

The Policy applies to all visitors of the website.

Table of contents

Section І. Description

Section ІІ. Cookie files

Section ІІІ. Conclusion

Section І. Description

Cookie files are small fragments of data that contain a unique identifier which is sent to your web browser by website servers in order to store information for your future visits (e.g. language settings, login information, etc.). Cookie files contain anonimous information: a unique identifier, name of the website, and some digital and statistical data. It allows the website to remember your settings in order to improve navigation experience and its overall performance.

There are session cookies—temporary cookie files, which are erased when you end using a web service and close your browser, and persistent cookies—files, which are stored in your browser’s memory for extended periods of time.

Types of cookies

Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are used to allow users to browse the website and use its special functions such as having access to protected areas of a web page. Without these cookies, it would be impossible to use the essential parts of the website.

Settings. These cookies allow the website to remember user’s preferences such as language settings to provide a more personalized experience.

Functionality cookies. These cookies collect data on user’s actions. All of the data in these cookies is collected anonymously. Functionality cookies can’t collect data on user’s actions at other websites.

The data is used to draw up reports and improve the website’s functionality. Functionality cookies may also include files necessary for providing sercivices requested by the user.

Targeting and advertising cookies. These cookies are used to display ads based on what user’s interests are. They may also be used to evaluate the efficiency of ongoing ad campaigns as well as for the purposes of future ad campaings.

Why we use cookies

We use first-party and third-party cookies for different reasons. Some cookies are necessary to ensure proper performance of the website and its services. Such cookies are calles Strictly Necessary Cookies. Other cookies record information about your actions performed at the website and allow us, as well as third parties, set up the website based on your preferences. Such cookies are called Functionalily cookies.

The Company uses cookies and other tracking technologies for the purposes of:

  • tracking online information forms filled in by the user on several pages of the website;
  • identifying users after they’ve signed in;
  • ensuring security of the website and services provided through the website;
  • storing technical data necessary for video and audio playback, such as image quality, connection speed, and buffering parameters;
  • load balancing;
  • fixing bugs and errors in the work of the website or its sercives;
  • storing user’s settings for different web pages and services provided through the website;
  • storing user’s settings on usigng cookies (to remember whether or not the user agreed with the website’s cookie policy);
  • storing user’s answers to questions in pop-up windows;
  • analyzing user’s experience with the website, products, and services provided by the Company;
  • holding ad and marketing campaigns, including, but not limited to, for the purposes of displaying ads based on previous user’s activity.


Section ІІ. Cookie files

By browsing the website you are agreeing to our use of cookies and storing them on your device. You can still browse our website without cookies, but that may result in not having access to certain functions of the website.

You can choose to opt out from cookies being stored on your device by setting up your browser accordingly. Please note the majority of web browsers accept cookies by default.

You can also erase cookies stored on your device at any time. More information can be found in the manual for your browser.


cookiesConfirmed 13 months Exploitation To record user’s action of closing the notification about limited liability when using cookies. That means the user was notified about cookies and took that information into consideration.


Erasing personal information

Many browsers allow disabling cookies. You can find more information on managing your cookies under the following links. But remember that by disabling cookies, you’re disabling them for every website you visit.

Disabling cookies may have a negative impact on the usability of many websites.

You can also erase all of the cookies stored on your computer. Just follow the instructions from your browser to do so.

You can find more information on disabling the GA service cookies here: Google Analytics

You can find more information on erasing cookies here.

Section ІІІ. Conclusion

We don’t sell, rent out, or share information about our users with any third parties. Personal information shall only be shared with law enforcement or goverment authorities when required by law.

Changes to the Policy

We reserve our right to update the Policy if necessary, as to adapt to any changes in using cookies caused by operational, legal, or regulatory factors.

We recommend сhecking up on the Policy regularly in order to stay updated on the cookie files and related technologies we use.

Last updated: 16/02/2022.

In case you have any questions on using cookies or other technologies, please contact us at