What VOKI Offers

What VOKI Offers Фото 0

VOKI Games strives to create the most comfortable conditions for all of its employees. We encourage each person to let their skills and talents flourish, and we support any and all aspirations! Each member of the VOKI team is free to focus on becoming a team leader and improving their managerial skills, or concentrating on what they love and taking it to the next level. We offer a very flexible weekday schedule, and we respect the personal time and personal interests of our employees.

We are proud to have 100% legal, official employment. At VOKI, this means that you get all the benefits, but we cover your taxes. On top of that, vacation time at VOKI is a little longer than usual: 24 official days + two bonus days! Additionally, we cover five days of sick leave from your first day, and after 90 days, you are covered by our corporate health insurance program. Twice a month, a medical professional visits the office with whom you can consult about any health issues, right at your place of work.

VOKI’s comfortable offices are always filled with fresh fruit and healthy snacks (nuts and bars), as well as sweets, cookies, a large selection of teas, and delicious coffee. In addition, the company compensates its staff for workday meals and 50% of a gym membership. Several times a week, yoga and pilates classes are held at the offices, and a massage room is also available – your back will be thankful!

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