1st Anniversary of Manor Matters: Project Success in Numbers

1st Anniversary of Manor Matters: Project Success in Numbers Фото 0

On April 30, 2021, the VOKI team is celebrating a significant event – one year since the release of our first Hidden Object game – Manor Matters!

Did we know at the beginning of the journey that we would reach such brilliant results? Of course, yes! We were ready for success, and this is just the beginning of the story!

We are proud of the results

12.9 million users around the world have already downloaded Manor Matters and enjoy unraveling the intricate story of the Castlewood mansion, developing relationships with charming characters, and searching for objects.

The game already boasts:

  • 10+ regular game events
  • 15+ unique thematic discounts
  • 40+ beautiful scenes

Every month, 4.7 million users see the results of our large team’s work, and the number of Manor Matters fans is growing daily!

In a year, we have more than doubled – from 220 to 460 employees! And this is not the limit. If you want to be a part of the VOKI family and participate in the creation of games loved by millions, go to the Vacancies section – send your resume to your dream company!