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In the new reality, more and more people are volunteering for causes. VOKI Games studio employees have always actively supported social and public projects, and now they have rallied even more! We have chosen three support projects suggested by the people of Voki, which received 100% feedback from our colleagues.

Help for teachers of Mariupol

Ruined but unconquered Mariupol is an open wound in the heart of every Ukrainian. Among the thousands of Mariupol citizens who suffered from the war, many teachers were forced to leave their homes. Many of them couldn’t return to work, even online.

We received a request for help. Mariupol teachers needed computer equipment to return to teaching and help children finish the school year. And we immediately agreed to get the required equipment.

First, after the destruction of the city, people lost all their property but kept their experience and knowledge. Having the necessary equipment, teachers can work remotely. This helps resolve teachers’ financial issues and develops the country’s economy at the macro level. Secondly, we want to show the people we support that they are important and give them hope for a brighter future.

The VOKI Games studio gladly supported this project by providing a budget for the purchase of laptops that will help teachers get back to work. Next year, we’re confident those laptops will be used in noisy school classes in free Ukraine.

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Gostomel Shelter

Helping homeless animals has now become more relevant than ever. Thousands of pets lost their homes, and many owners forced to move to safer places had to leave them behind.

Before the start of the war, our Merch & Event Coordinator Sasha Grebenyuk was already raising a charming adopted dog, Leia. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the problem of animal protection became particularly painful. Sasha immediately joined volunteer activities, bought and delivered food for animals, and helped with their transportation.

“For as long as I remember, animals lived in my house. I’m sure that a kind attitude towards animals should be taught from an early age. That’s why I always tried to make my pets and animals that don’t have families happier,” says Sasha. 

Even in the darkest times, there is room for joy. Meeting Phoebe was such an event for Sasha! Now two dogs live in the Grebenyuk family, which guarantees a double dose of energy!

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The idea to support Gostomel Shelter came to Sasha after a visit to the shelter. The owners spoke about the urgent needs of the organization, which currently houses about 600 animals. The workers of the center are courageous people. Even in the most terrible days for Gostomel, they didn’t abandon their four-legged pets and gladly sheltered even more animals.

The VOKI Games studio allocated a budget for constructing new comfortable enclosures for animals and repairing the medical unit. Also, our employees have personally come to the shelter more than once and helped with repairs and other household work.

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VOKI volunteers admit that such trips have already become a tradition and even a great team-building activity. In addition to helping, they did an equally important job – they spent time in the company of cheerful animals, thus helping them to socialize. Maksym Borysovych, the administrator of Gostomel Shelter, says he’s enormously grateful to our team because socialization gives the animals more chances to find a family.

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Blood Agents

VOKI Games studio employees have been cooperating with the volunteer organization Blood Agents for several years. There are many experienced donors on our team, and someone tried this role for the first time on Donor Day at the offices of the VOKI studio!

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Last year, we implemented a fascinating joint project with Blood Agents. We created Blood Cells, a comic that tells entertainingly about the benefits of donation and how the procedure goes.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the promotion of donation has become extremely important because hospitals must always be ready to assist their patients.

Blood Agents asked VOKI Games studio to finance the purchase of refrigerators for deep freezing and storage of blood plasma.

We managed to cover the needs of Kyiv City Blood Center and the M.M. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of the AMS of Ukraine. We purchased three refrigerators, each of which can efficiently store up to 20,000 microtubes.

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The people of VOKI have already filled these refrigerators by visiting blood centers in Kyiv and Odesa.

At VOKI Games, we strive to bring our victory closer with joint efforts. We hope volunteering becomes the primary trend in the game development industry in the coming years.