“No Worries, We Can Work It Out”: The Role of People Partner at VOKI Games

“No Worries, We Can Work It Out”: The Role of People Partner at VOKI Games Фото 0

They will give you a tour of our inviting office and answer all your questions. With a smile, they follow your progress during the adaptation period. If you have not already guessed, “they” are our friendly and caring People Partners! Katya Pryadko, Leading People Partner at VOKI Games, has spoken about her role in detail.

Katya, tell us, what are the duties of a People Partner at VOKI?

A People Partner is an assistant for all employees who can be contacted with any question imaginable. If your request is not in their competence, then the PP will redirect you to the right person. We help newcomers get acquainted with the company and get all the necessary information. We also function as a buffer between employees and their managers, helping them understand each other and resolving any conflicts they might have.

“No Worries, We Can Work It Out”: The Role of People Partner at VOKI Games Фото 1

You can also ask one of us about your company career opportunities, how to grow within your department, or move to another. You can send your suggestions for improvements in your department or the whole company to us – we will listen, and if it’s a good idea, we will start working on implementing it.

With what specific questions can you turn to a People Partner?

We are responsible for making VOKI employees happy, so you should definitely contact us if:

  • You feel that you don’t know something about the company, where to find something, or who you should write to.
  • You feel anxious or uncomfortable at work.
  • You want to change your career, grow within a department, or move to another.
  • You have a conflict with a colleague or no longer understand each other.
  • You feel that you have lost contact with your lead or manager.
  • You have ideas on improving the work on a department or company level.
  • You have a question, and you don’t know who to contact.

Will my manager or other colleagues know that I have contacted a People Partner for help?

All requests are anonymous! An atmosphere of trust is essential to us, so any conversation with the People Partner will remain between you.

Our team of employees has grown to 500 people! How do People Partners manage to make time for everyone?

Our PP team now has 5 specialists. Each department will soon work closely with its own specific PP, but at the same time, anyone can write with a question. We plan to increase the number of PPs so that each employee has regular 1:1 meetings and everyone gets enough attention and care.