“Work is like a holiday”: what is the secret of the coziness of VOKI offices

Where does the VOKI start for every new employee? With a heartfelt offer, emotions from the great things to come, and one of the best studio offices. So, opening the door to Narnia (the world of VOKI), the guys enter the space that is created for creativity. Also, the comfort here is felt in every detail. 

What about the atmosphere at studio offices?

It is an atmosphere of comfort with thoughtful details (such as UX/UI in real life): comfortable workplaces, restrooms, and kitchens stuffed with delicious treats. 

But it’s all about people. People who work every day to make it easier for new and experienced VOKI team members to integrate into the work and the team, without thinking about how to organize the workspace and find the right information. 

 We asked our cool administrators, office manager and, of course, fairy housewives about how VOKI offices work, which, by the way, are three – in Kyiv, Odesa, and sunny Limassol (Cyprus). 

Atmosphere in Odesa

If you ask who is in charge of the Odesa VOKI office, the answer will be definitely – Natasha Sitnikova. She is this space’s soul, director, and inspirer all rolled into one.

Natasha admits that many do not even suspect how much work an office administrator has to do. Her position involves many challenges and requires a high level of multitasking. So, she is the first to meet a new studio employee, she will always tell you who to contact with a question, and most importantly, she organizes the work of a large modern office, deftly juggling dozens of processes.

Natasha was one of the first employees at the studio in Odesa and personally organized the work process of the office. The “Base” of this team are graduates of the VOKI schools, who rallied during the period of study.

It is not a surprise that the VOKIans from other cities are always glad to have the opportunity to go to Odesa on a business trip or just to change the scenery. The resort vibe here is felt even in winter! 

Office manager Kateryna Kalaida is convinced that love for people and a common cause is the key to productive work. And when everyone in the company feels the freedom of creativity and feels that his ideas are heard and accepted, so it becomes easy and pleasant to concentrate on the project.

For many guys from Odesa, the office is almost like a second home. And not because of overtime (We’re very strict with this)! After work, many people stay to play table tennis or football or just chat in the kitchen. And in summer, one of the favorite locations is a balcony with a view on the sea. 

The cleanliness fairy, Iryna Shymkova, watches over things. She is convinced that the secret of the atmosphere in the Odesa office is good friendly guys who maintain cleanness. Iryna is sincerely pleased with the result of her work – when you walk around the office, it is so cozy and clean. 

Gamedev in Kyiv

The Kyiv office is the largest in all aspects. The total area of the space is 2,070 m2. 

Surprisingly, one fragile girl, the cool Iryna Kobets, manages the work of such a large hub.

And if you think that her main task is to beautifully smile, then you are greatly mistaken. As in any other room, where a lot of work and events should be organized, there are many tasks to do: organizing work with contractors, decorating, ordering delicious treats loved by VOKIans, and much more.

What is more, Iryna also keeps records of a pile of strategically important and secret documentation, accepts applications for sports compensation, and resolves all kinds of unexpected problems. Yes, yes, and all that with a smile!

Olena Didychenko is responsible for keeping the office in cleanness and everything in the right place. She is an important member of the team and a great conversation partner during lunch!

Just listen to how warmly Olena speaks about her work: “Although I am already an aged girl, I feel on the same level with the VOKI guys and this makes me happy. The secret of the cozy atmosphere of the office in Kyiv is in the people themselves, our friendly team. Without exaggeration – to work as if it were a holiday!”

Do not forget about the important thing: VOKI offices are only voluntary! Many studio employees continue to work productively remotely, but most choose a mixed format: a few days from home and a few from their favorite office.

What would you prefer? Tell this at the interview. Probably we’re looking exactly for you!